Launching “Milk Bath Sessions”

I have been so excited to launch the milk bath sessions and my god the wait was totally worth it. They are such a lovely natural and fun ending to your beyond me session. A relaxing session without the pressure for all smiles. Watching your children just splash and play capturing all those natural moments, where the smiles start flowing and we don’t get those cheesy shots.

I’m sure most of you are thinking a milk bath what on earth is that? It’s exactly what it sound likes a milky bath in a lovely vintage old fashion tub filled with beautiful bright flowers or maybe even greenly for the boys. If you have your own ideas which you’d like to add in of course please let us know and we can incorporate this into your session to make it even more personal.

The flowers can be supplied for you for a small charge or you are welcome to bring your own, just make sure there bold, bright and ideally float on top of the water so we can see them within the shots.

The milk bath in an add on to your beyond me session which are held between 6-9 months when babies are sitting unaided. 3 outfit changes and set ups for your beyond me session before ending your session with a Milk bath .Capturing those characters which are starting to shine though.

Book yours today.

Love Phoebe xx

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